Founded in 2003, Jiangxi Konka New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) is a core constituent of the Group’s business of environmental protection technologies. Staffed by 1300 employees, the Company covers an area of more than 800,000 square meters and has three national high-tech subsidiaries – Jiangxi Konka New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Golden Phoenix Nano Crystallized Glass Co., Ltd and Jiangxi Xinfeng Microcrystalline Jade Co., Ltd. The Company has a total designed production capacity of 7 million square meters per annum, making it the large manufacturer of crystallized glass stone in China. The Company is the first manufacturer in China which adopts the one-kiln (furnace) two-line (production lines) process, the advanced technology of the kind. In the meantime, the Company is the first enterprise in China that has the capability to produce third-generation crystallized stone. Commanding the largest market share in the world, the Company’s products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions including Brazil, India and the US etc.

Presently, the Company’s products are mainly used as high-grade construction materials in engineering decoration like top-notch hotels and office buildings, as well as in high-end kitchen and bathroom applications. The 3D inkjet printing nano crystallized stones provide lifelike visual enjoyment, making them highly popular products in high-end engineering and home decoration scenarios. Part of the Company’s products have been widely used in chemical, coal, steel and other industries in scenarios of acid or alkaline wastewater pools, silos, scrappers and surface treatment. To extend the realms of applications, the Company has been developing products with properties suitable to be applied in mobile terminals of 5G communications, wireless charging equipment and ultra-high voltage facilities.

Oriented towards the future, Jiangxi Konka New Material Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to focus its efforts on the industry of nano crystallized new materials. Aspiring to become a world-class unicorn and leading enterprise in fields of basic materials, as well as nano crystallized materials, the Company is expected to elevate its overall capacity to 25-28 million square meters per annum, with a total production value of RMB 5 billion, as the largest manufacturer and seller of nano crystallized materials and other related products in the world.